Cheap Car Rental Coupons

We see them everywhere: in your mailbox, on the sidewalk, scattered about your kitchen countertop. That’s right; I’m talking about those annoying car rental coupons. But wait a minute – do you mean to tell me that these things actually have value? If you’re in the mood for a cheap car rental or TEN, then most definitely!


Perhaps you’re thinking, “I’m way ahead of you. I’ve been storing these things under my bed for years!” Before you get too excited, you may want to check the expiration date on a few of those coupons. (duh) In my experience, while some car rental coupons do offer an excellent potential deal just waiting to be cashed in, most of them are only valid for a year or less.


Depending on how often you rent cars, it may or may not be worthwhile to actually keep a bunch on hand, especially when there are so many of them overflowing out of your neighbor’s garbage can. Before some of you get too excited, remember that it is a felony to go through trash that is not yours. (OK?…K.)


While you’ve got the microscope out to search for that tiny expiration date, you might also want to check the other fine print. Most car rental coupons come with a large set of extra conditions that might suddenly make the deal seem less appealing after you’ve already taken the time to journey out to the rental car company’s location. For instance, one coupon might say that the first 200 miles are free in large bold print across the top, but upon closer inspection you discover that this deal is only valid for “Luxury Vehicles” that will get you between one and two highway miles to the gallon and end up costing you a fortune in the end.


Okay, so all of a sudden you need to rent a car, but ironically enough you can’t seem to find one of those coupons now that you actually need one. Not all is lost, as technology can be your savior. Anytime you want, you can always check out the most recent deals and even print out a couple of your own coupons by just doing a quick Internet search for car rental coupons.


Now that you know a little bit more about how to get a cheap car rental deal by using your new friend, the coupon… you probably still aren’t any more likely to keep a shoebox full of them on hand. Nonetheless, you are a little more frugal and a little wiser for the road ahead. Hopefully!


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